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Saint Maron


 Around 350 AD, Maron “the little lord” was born in Cyrrhus, a small town near Antioch. When he grew up, Maron heard God’s call for holiness and perfection. His heart was burning within him.
 Maron left the world and ascended to the top of Mount Nabo, near Antioch. He lived in the open air, converted a pagan temple into a church, and spent his time praying in solitude, fasting, and working.
 “Maron did greater acts in order to reach perfect wisdom, for the militant soldier weighs between virtue and acts… And since God is very generous with his saints, he bestowed upon him the gifts of healing
 the sick. His fame spread to all the surrounding districts, so people flocked to him and witnessed the veracity of his virtues and miracles. He could heal the sick and exorcise the devil by mere prayer.
 Physicians prescribe a special medicine for each disease, but the prayer of the righteous is the remedy for all diseases. St. Maron not only healed the ailments of the body but also those of the soul, by curing
 the avarice of the covetous, the anger of the passionate, teaching some the wisdom of temperance, others the principles of justice, others the happiness of chastity, and others the love of labor.”
 Maron attracted many disciples: James of Cyrrhus, Limnaeus, Domnina, Cyra, Marana, Abraham the hermit, the apostle of Mount Lebanon, and many others. Maron died around 410.
 “[Dear Maron], we are bound to you by love and interior disposition, and see you here before us as if you were actually present. For such are the eyes of love; their vision is neither interrupted by distance nor dimmed by time… we address ourselves to your honor and assure you that we hold you constantly in our minds and carry you about in our souls wherever we may be… please pray for us.”