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Saint Lazarus, whom Our Lord Jesus Christ raised from the dead.

Lazarus was from Bethany nearby Jerusalem. A righteous rich man, friend of Our Lord Jesus who used to stop by his house, and did raise him back from death after he spent four days in his tomb, according to Gospel of Saint John 11:41-44.

After the ascension of Jesus back to heaven, the Jews arrested Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary and throw them into the sea. But God got them saved and led them to the shores of Marseilles, France, where they preached the Lord’s good news, and converted numerous people to believe in Christ. According to the tradition Lazarus became the bishop of Marseilles, and like a good shepherd he saved nothing to take care of his flock, and when the pagans caught him and brought him for judgment before their governor, he courageously offered himself a sacrifice for the sake of the Church. In fact, the governor ordered him to offer sacrifices to the idols. Lazarus refused, confessing his faith in Christ. The Governor ordered that Lazarus be torn apart with iron nails and shout at with lances. Thus Lazarus won the crown of martyrdom in the first century A.D. around the year 60. May his prayers be with us. Amen.