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This Synksar or Synaxarion is the one according to the Antiochian Maronite Rite, Kaslik, Lebanon 1996.
 The synaxarion is a Greek term that means “all martyrs” or “together with the martyrs”.
 Biographies of known saints were recorded in this book.


Day 1: - The circumcision of Our Lord Jesus Christ + Saints Basil & Gregory

Day 2: Saint Silvestrus the first, Pope of Rome
Day 3: The Prophet Mika/ Malachi & Saint Gregory the Martyr
Day 4: Saint Gaius, Pope of Rome
Day 5: Saint Paola the first male hermit
Day 6: The Baptism of Jesus Christ
Day 7: Memorial of the praise of Saint John the Baptist
Day 8: Saint Caritarius, a priest and martyr
Day 9: Saint Austratius
Day 10: Saint Gregory, bishop of Nisis (a city in Cappadoccia)
Day 11: Saint Theodosius
Day 12: Saint Tasiana, a martyr & Memorial of the Holy Ecumenical Council of Trent.
Day 13: Saint Jacob, bishop of Nisibin
Day 14: Saint Hilarius (Hilary), bishop of Poitier (France)
Day 15: Our Lady of plants
Day 16: Memorial of the chains of Saint Peter the Apostle.
Day 17: Saint Anthony the Great
Day 18: - Saint Kirillus (Cyril), Patriarch of Alexandria (Egypt)
              - Memorial of the establishment of the chair of Saint Peter.
Day 19: Saint Macarius of Alexandria
Day 20: Saint Aphtimos the Great
Day 21: Saint Sebastian
Day 22: - Saint Timothy, disciple of Saint Paul the Apostle 
              - Saint Anastasius, a martyr.
Day 23: Saint Sergius the first, a pope.
Day 24: Saint Francis of Sales
Day 25: Memorial of the conversion of Saint Paul & his baptism
Day 26: Saint Agnes, a virgin
Day 27: Saint Paula, the widow
Day 28: Saint Ephrem, a Doctor in the Church
Day 29: Saint Baladius & Saint Apiolitos, a martyr
Day 30: Saint Maximus, the confessor
Day 31: Don John Bosco



 Day 1: Saint Fionos, the martyr & pope Oticanos
 Day 2: The Entrance of Christ to the Temple.
 Day 3: Simon the elder & Anna the prophetess
 Day 4: Saint Isidor of Farm (an old city in Egypt)
 Day 5: Saint Agatha, a virgin
 Day 6: Saint Brocollos, bishop of Smyrna & Fosta, a martyr
 Day 7: - Saint Britanius, bishop of Lampsak 
             - Saint Antarius the first, a martyr
 Day 8: Prophet Zaccary
 Day 9: Saint Maron
 Day 10: Saint Appolina & Dorotia, martyrs
 Day 11: Saint Carlimpos
 Day 12: - Saint Maltius, patriarch of Antioch
               - Saint Alexander the charcoal maker
 Day 13: Saint Martin the Hermit
 Day 14: Saint Valentine
 Day 15: Fostinos the priest and Yotinas (Justin) the deacon, martyrs
 Day 16: Saint Tazoius of Tyron
 Day 17: Saint Agapitos, bishop of Sinada in Ferijia & Saint Konardos
 Day 18: Saint Leo the Great, pope of Rome
 Day 19: The memorial of the 500 Martyrs of Tyre.
 Day 20: Saint Jacob the hermit, disciple of our father Maron
 Day 21: Saint Ostatios, patriarch of Antioch
 Day 22: The establishment of the chair of Saint Peter in Antioch
 Day 23: Saint Policarp, bishop of Smyrna.
 Day 24: Saint Margarita the penitent.
 Day 25: Saint Felix the 2nd.
 Day 26: - Saint Proforios bishop of Gaza (Palestine, 353-420)
               - Saint Alexander bishop of Alexandria (Egypt)
 Day 27: Saint Talalaos
 Day 28: Saints Cyra and Marana virgins, disciples of Saint Maron
 Day 29: Saint Leon the pope



 Day 1: Saint Domnina & the Guardian Angel

 Day 2: Our father, Saint John Maron, patriarch of Antioch
 Day 3: Saint Thomas Aquinas the theologian
 Day 4: - Paul and his sister Juliani (or Youliani), martyrs
             - Saint Gerasimos
 Day 5: Saint Albert the Great
 Day 6: Saint Conan of Aisor (Asia minor)
 Day 7: Saint Narsis, bishop of Jerusalem
 Day 8: Saint Francesca of Rome
 Day 9: The 40 martyrs of Cappadocia 
 Day 10: Saint Oksinios & Saint Agathon.
 Day 11: Saint Safronios, patriarch of Jerusalem.
 Day 12: Saint Gregory I, the great.
 Day 13: Saint Teofanos of Sefrania, a confessor
 Day 14: Saint Frousia (+412)
 Day 15: Saint Benedict, father of monasticism in the West (480-547)
 Day 16: - Saint Babas, martyr
               - Second Ecumenical Council (Constantinople 381)
 Day 17: - Saint Alexius (+412) 
               - Saint Lazarus, whom Our Lord Jesus raised from the dead.
 Day 18: - Saint Cyril, bishop of Jerusalem
                - Saint Joseph from Rama or Arimathea
 Day 19: Saint Joseph, spouse of Our Lady the Virgin Mary.
 Day 20: - Saint Fotina of Samaria (John 4:5-42)
                - Saint Silwanos.
 Day 21: Saint Sebastian
 Day 22: Saint Serge Paul & Pope Leo the IX.
 Day 23: Saint Rafqa, a Lebanese nun (1832-1914)
 Day 24: Saint Artamon, bishop of Selokia
 Day 25: Announcement to Mary
 Day 26: Gabriel, the angel & The thief crucified on Jesus’ right
 Day 27: Metrona martyr & Saint Bembo
 Day 28: Martyrs: Philanos, his wife Lidia, and their two children.
 Day 29: Saint Marcos, bishop of Arthiosia
               Saint Kyrillos from Baalbeck, Lebanon, a martyr (+362)
 Day 30: Saint John Climacos
 Day 31: Pope Lucius I.


 Day 1: Saint Mary the Egyptian

 Day 2: Apiphanos and his brother Adacius, Martyrs.
 Day 3: Pope Isidoros, bishop of Ashbila
 Day 4: Taudoros and Agatobidos, Martyrs & Pope Isatos.
 Day 5: Saint Robert.
 Day 6: Saint Aftikos, Patriarch of Constantinople.
 Day 7: Saint John of Sales.
 Day 8: - Berlam, martyr 
             - Memorial of the seventh ecumenical Council (Nicea 787).
 Day 9: - Saint Hermas
             - Saint Ephraditos the Apostle (companion of Saint Paul)
             - Pope Urbanos I.
 Day 10: Saint Agapius & Memorial of the miracle of the icon of Christ in Beirut.
 Day 11: Saint Antabios & Saint Barhophios.
 Day 12: Mina, Armojanos, & Afkrafos, martyrs.
 Day 13: Saint Zosima.
 Day 14: Armanjaldos, a king and martyr & Saint Aristorkos.
 Day 15: Saba, martyr & Pope Zotiros.
 Day 16: Saint Bernadette Soubiroux.
 Day 17: Saint Agapitos.
 Day 18: Saint Tasia the Penitent.
 Day 19: Saint Timon the deacon.
 Day 20: Saint Nathaniel the hermit.
 Day 21: Pope Pius, I & Julia, Virgin and Martyr
 Day 22: Saint Thadoros from Sika, Asia Minor
 Day 23: Saint George, martyr
 Day 24: Saint Saba, an army leader.
 Day 25: Saint Mark the Evangelist.
 Day 26: Basilos bishop of Amasia, a martyr & Pope Anklitos I
 Day 27: Saint Simon the brother of the Lord.
 Day 28: Yasoun and Wasosibtros, martyrs.
 Day 29: Saint Catherine from Sienna.
 Day 30: Saint James son of Zebedee, the brother of the Lord.


 Day 1: Jeremiah, the prophet

 Day 2: Athanasius, Patriarch of Alexandria,
 Day 3: - Memorial of the discovery of the Cross of Our Lord in Jerusalem 
             - Timothy and his wife Mora, martyrs.
 Day 4: Saint Monica, mother of Saint Augustin
 Day 5: Irinie, martyr
 Day 6: Saint Dominic Savio.
 Day 7: Saint Anthony, bishop of Florence.
 Day 8: The Evangelist John.
 Day 9: Isaiah, the prophet.
 Day 10: Saint Simon the Apostle & Isikios, martyr & Saint Pope Alexander I.
 Day 11: Martyr Fantios
 Day 12: Saint Epiphanos, bishop of Cyprus.
 Day 13: Saint Germanos, Patriarch of Constantinople.
 Day 14: Boniphasios the martyr, and his 20 companions.
 Day 15: Our Lady of the Harvest.
 Day 16: - Saint Abda and his companions
                - Saint Ajnadios, Patriarch of Constantinople
 Day 17: Saint Serabiun.
 Day 18: - Taodotos and the seven women martyrs
                - Saint Bisarion the miraculous.
 Day 19: - Martyrs Philatoros and Kyriakie
               - Saint Ammoun, the hermit.
 Day 20: Saint Bernard of Sienna & Saint Talalaous
 Day 21: Saint Helen.
 Day 22: Saint Rita of Cascia.
 Day 23: - Saint Michael, bishop of Sinada in Ferijia (Asia Minor) 
               - Saint Toby the merciful.
 Day 24: Saint Simon the Stalagmite the Great, disciple of Saint Maron.
 Day 25: Saint Basilia, martyr & Alotarius and his mother, martyrs.
 Day 26: Saint Carpus, the disciple of Saint Paul & Saint Philip DiNeri.
 Day 27: Theodora and Didimos, martyrs & Pope John I, martyr.
 Day 28: Aliconda, martyr.
 Day 29: Theodosia, a Lebanese martyr.
 Day 30: Pope Philix I & Saint Jeanne D’arc (Jeanne of Arch?).
 Day 31: Hermias the martyr & Petronella, righteous.



 Day 1: Saint Justin
 Day 2: Memorial of the four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
 Day 3: Mar Autel, righteous.
 Day 4: Arismos, righteous & Ilaria, righteous (female).
 Day 5: Conan and his son, martyrs.
 Day 6: Dorotheos, bishop of Tyre (Lebanon), a martyr.
 Day 7: Susanne, righteous
 Day 8: Kyrilia, martyr (female) & Memorial of the discovery of the nails of Christ’s.
 Day 9: Alexanderos and Antonina, martyrs & Belajia, martyr.
 Day 10: Saint Barnabas, one of the 72 disciples.
 Day 11: Saint Bartholomew the Apostle.
 Day 12: Anophorios, righteous.
 Day 13: Saint Anthony of Padua & Aquilina of Jibail (Lebanon), martyr.
 Day 14: Elisha the prophet (disciple of the Prophet Elijah).
 Day 15: Saint Basil the Great.
 Day 16: Prophet Hosea & Saint Methodios.
 Day 17: Prophet Amos.
 Day 18: Lawandios, martyr & Anba Aboon.
 Day 19: Judas the Apostle, known a Thaddeus, or Labi or Leba.
 Day 20: Silvarius, martyr & Sosimos, martyr.
 Day 21: Saint Louis Gonzague.
 Day 22: Eusebius or Mar Hawshab.
 Day 23: Agrebina, martyr & Memorial of the Third Ecumenical Council, Ephesus.
 Day 24: Birth of Saint John the Baptizer.
 Day 25: Saint Veronia, martyr.
 Day 26: John and Paul, martyrs.
 Day 27: Saint Samson, the receiver of strangers. (known for showing hospitality toward strangers).
 Day 28: Pope Leo, II.
 Day 29: Saints Peter and Paul, the Great Apostles.
 Day 30: Memorial of the Twelve Apostles.



 Day 1: Pope Gregory X.
 Day 2: The visitation of Our Lady Mary to Saint Elizabeth.
 Day 3: Saint Ironimos (Jerome)
 Day 4: Saint Andrew, Archbishop of Crete (Greek Island).
 Day 5: Saint Makarius of the Cross.
 Day 6: Anba Sisois the Great.
 Day 7: Saint Thomas the hermit.
 Day 8: Procopius, martyr.
 Day 9: Bencrasius, martyr & Patromosius and Kibri, martyrs.
 Day 10: The Massabki brothers: Francis, Abdel Moati, & Raphael (Maronite martyrs, who offered up their lives a burning offering of love to Christ in Damascus in the year 1860).
 Day 11: Saint Benedict.
 Day 12: Rofina and Sikonda, martyrs & Susanne, martyr.
 Day 13: Pope Inoshensios I & Prophet Joel.
 Day 14: Saint Bonaventure, Doctor in the Church.
 Day 15: Kyriakos and Yolita his mother, martyrs.
 Day 16: Our Lady of Mount Carmel.
 Day 17: Saint Marina the nun of Qannoubeen (North of Lebanon).
 Day 18: Sanfrosia and her seven children, martyrs.
 Day 19: Margaret, martyr.
 Day 20: Prophet Elijah.
 Day 21: Saint Simon Salot (the idiot) and his friend John (from Homs, Syria).
 Day 22: Saint Lucius, or Nohra (which means Light) and Saint Mary Magdalene.
 Day 23: Saint Sharbel.
 Day 24: Saint Christina of Tyre, martyr (Lebanese).
 Day 25: Saint Ann, mother of Our Lady Mary.
 Day 26: Queen Brigitte, righteous.
 Day 27: Saint Panteleon or Mar Assia.
 Day 28: Antosia, martyr & Memorial of the sixth ecumenical Council.
 Day 29: Martha the righteous, sister of Lazarus & the Prophet Ezekiel.
 Day 30: Abdon and Sinin, martyrs.
 Day 31: The 350 martyrs, disciples of Saint Maron.



 Day 1: Saint Shmouni and her sons.
 Day 2: Memorial of the discovery of the remains of Saint Stephen, the first deacon & Pope Stephen I.
 Day 3: Prophet David.
 Day 4: Cure D’Ars.
 Day 5: Saint Christophoros & Saint Louis of Gonzaga (1568-1591).
 Day 6: Transfiguration of the Lord Jesus.
 Day 7: Saint Dumit, martyr.
 Day 8: Pope Sixtus II, martyr & Saint Moron.
 Day 9: Saint Matthias the Apostle.
 Day 10: Lorensius, martyr.
 Day 11: Justos and Pastor, martyrs & Saint Odios, 2nd bishop of Antioch after Saint Peter.
 Day 12: Mar Shina.
 Day 13: Saint Clair, a virgin.
 Day 14: Saint Mereklos & Prophet Micah the minor.
 Day 15: The Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
 Day 16: Saint Roukoz (Rock).
 Day 17: Priest Miron, martyr.
 Day 18: Memorial of the letter of king Abjar addressed to Our Lord Jesus Christ.
 Day 19: Saint Andrew and his companions.
 Day 20: Saint Bernard.
 Day 21: Prophet Samuel & Fasa and her children, martyrs.
 Day 22: Simphorianos, martyr.
 Day 23: Mar Isaac the Syrian.
 Day 24: Saint Aphtikios, martyr.
 Day 25: Saint Titus, disciple of Saint Paul, and bishop of Crete.
 Day 26: Saint Xavier, Pope & Adrian, martyr.
 Day 27: Anba Benjamin the hermit.
 Day 28: Saint Moses the Ethiopian (Habashi) & Saint Augustine, Doctor in the Church.
 Day 29: The beheading of Saint John the Baptist.
 Day 30: Saint Philikos, martyr.
 Day 31: Mar Abda, Mar Zakhia, and Mar Ijidios.




 Day 1: Saint Simon the Stylite.
 Day 2: Saint Mema, martyr.
 Day 3: Saint Theodore the Great.
 Day 4: Saint Babila.
 Day 5: Saint Sharbel of Edessa and his sister.
 Day 6: Memorial of the miracle of Saint Michael in the city of Colossi.
 Day 7: Saint Sozin, martyr.
 Day 8: The Birth of our Lady the Virgin Mary.
 Day 9: Saints Joachim and Anne, parents of the Virgin Mary & Saint Frederick Ozanam.
 Day 10: Saint Polkaria the queen.
 Day 11: Saint Theodora.
 Day 12: Saint Cyrilius or Kernilios, the centurion.
 Day 13: Saint Christopher.
 Day 14: The glorification of the Holy Cross.
 Day 15: Mar Shina & Mar Sassine.
 Day 16: Saint Cyprian, bishop of Carthage.
 Day 17: Saint Sofia and her three daughters (martyrs).
 Day 18: Memorial of the flight of Jesus Christ to Egypt.
 Day 19: Saint Gennao (305) of Napoli.
 Day 20: Astatios, his wife and children, martyrs.
 Day 21: Saint Kozratos & Theodoros, martyr.
 Day 22: Saint Fawqa, martyr.
 Day 23: Announcement to Zachariah & Prophet Jonah.
 Day 24: Saint Taqla, first female martyr.
 Day 25: Saint Pfnotios, confessor & Saint Frosina.
 Day 26: Saint John the evangelist.
 Day 27: Saint Leos I, pope & Saint Caloppa the disciple (one of the 72 disciples of Jesus)
 Day 28: Saint Khariton & Saint Dalmatos.
 Day 29: Saint Rohana, or Keryakos the hermit.
 Day 30: Memorial of the engagement of the Virgin Mary to Saint Joseph.




 Day 1: Saint Therese of the Child Jesus.
 Day 2: Saint Cyprian and Justina the virgin, martyrs.
 Day 3: Saint Deonisios the Areopague (from Athena)
 Day 4: Saint Francis of Assisi.
 Day 5: Saint Paul the simple & Saint Christina the virgin.
 Day 6: Saint Thomas the Apostle.
 Day 7: Saint Sergius and Backhos.
 Day 8: Saint Pelagia the penitent.
 Day 9: Saint James the brother of the Lord, apostle.
 Day 10: Olampus and his sister Olampia, and their companions, martyrs.
 Day 11: Saint Philip the deacon & Memorial of the first Nicean ecumenical Council.
 Day 12: Mar Edna.
 Day 13: Carbos and Babylos and their companions, martyrs.
 Day 14: Saint Isaiah the monk.
 Day 15: Saint Therese of Avila.
 Day 16: Saint Longinos the centurion, martyr.
 Day 17: Brother saints Kozma and Damian.
 Day 18: Saint Luke the Evangelist.
 Day 19: Saint Aron, Patriarch of Antioch & Pope Sixtus I.
 Day 20: Mar Shallita (Artimos)
 Day 21: Saint Ilarion
 Day 22: The seven young brothers of Ephesus, martyrs.
 Day 23: Saint Ignatius, Patriarch of Constantinople
 Day 24: Saint Broklos, Archbishop of Constantinople & Saint Ambramios and his nephew Mary & Haris a
 and his companions, martyrs.
 Day 25: Christos and his wife Daria, martyrs.
 Day 26: Saint Demetrius, martyr
 Day 27: Capitolina and Arotida, martyrs (females) & Pope Zacharia.
 Day 28: Tirnisios and his companions, martyrs & Saint Talisphoras, pope.
 Day 29: Saint Anastasia the Great, Virgin and Martyr & Saint Blasius bishop of Sibastia, and his
 Day 30: Saint Makarius, bishop of Jerusalem & Saint Serabion, bishop of Antioch & Baruch (Barookh) the
 Day 31: Abimakos and Gordians, martyrs


 Day 1: All Saints & Saint Cosma & Damianos.
 Day 2: Faithful departed & Aknidios & his companions, martyrs.
 Day 3: Eksima the bishop, Joseph the priest & Itala the deacon, martyrs & St. Bsimas the Hermit,
 Day 4: Vitaly & Agricolas, martyrs & Borphorios, martyr,
 Day 5: St. Assia the miraculous.
 Day 6: Paul the Archbishop of Constantinople,
 Day 7: Yaroon (it could be Aaron?) & his companions, martyrs & Saint Leonardos.
 Day 8: St. Michael the Archangel
 Day 9: St (female) Matroona.
 Day 10: Mart Mora.
 Day 11: Mar Minas & his companions. Saint Martinos.
 Day 12: Theodor, confessor & John the merciful, Patriarch of Alexandria.
 Day 13: Saint John Chrysostom
 Day 14: Saint. Philip the Apostle.
 Day 15: Goria, Samona & Habib the deacon, martyrs.
 Day 16: Saint Mathew the Apostle and Evangelist.
 Day 17: Gregory the Miraculous.
 Day 18: Saint Romanos, martyr.
 Day 19: St. Bonisianos, pope.
 Day 20: Saint Gregory from Benias.
 Day 21: The offering of Our Lady the Virgin Mary, by her parents to the Temple.
 Day 22: Saints Joachim & Anne, parents of Our Lady & Cicilia, martyr.
 Day 23: Sassine, martyr & St. Amphilokos.
 Day 24: Saint Catherine, virgin & martyr.
 Day 25: St. Clement 1st, pope of Rome.
 Day 26: St. Peter, Patriarch of Alexandria.
 Day 27: Saint James the Intercissus
 Day 28: Steven the new martyr.
 Day 29: Saints Satorinos & Sisinios, martyrs.
 Day 30: St. Andrew the Apostle & Mar Bishai.



 Day 1: Prophet Nahum.

 Day 2: Prophet Habkouk & Saint Nounis.
 Day 3: Saint Francis Xavier
 Day 4: Saint Barbara the Martyr.
 Day 5: Saint Saba
 Day 6: Saint Nicolas (Zakhyo) the miraculous, archbishop of Mira
 Day 7: Saint Ambrose, bishop of Milan
 Day 8: The Immaculate Conception.
 Day 9: Saint Francis Paula
 Day 10: Saints Mina, Hermojanos and Ogranos & Saint Pope Melkida
 Day 11: Saint Daniel the Stalagmite (of the column)
 Day 12: Saint Ispiridon (Spiridon) the miraculous
 Day 13: Saint Lucia, a Virgin
 Day 14: Saint Nimatullah Kassab Al-Hardini, a Lebanese monk.
 Day 15: Oltarious and his mother
 Day 16: Prophet Hajjai & Saint Olympiad, a widow and deaconess
 Day 17: The three young men: Hanania, Azra and Michaeel
 Day 18: Prophet Daniel, the fourth among the Great Prophets
 Day 19: Saint Athanodoros & Saint Pope Pius the fifth
 Day 20: Saint Ignatius the martyr, patriarch of Antioch
 Day 21: Saint Julianos the martyr & Saint Juliana the martyr
 Day 22: Saint Anastasia, Martyr
 Day 23: Saint Ujania
 Day 24: The day before the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ
 Day 25: The birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ
 Day 26: Congratulations of Our Lady, the Most Holy Virgin Mary
 Day 27: Saint Stephen, the first Martyr
 Day 28: Saint Marina, known as Margaret the martyr
 Day 29: The babies of Bethlehem, martyrs
 Day 30: Anisia, martyr & Saint Theodora
 Day 31: Saint Zotikos